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Love is gone… By: Me x3

March 31, 2012

Just when I thought that everything is alright,
there’s no people to hold me tight,
People who mean a whole world to me, and even if I try to say sorry,
this is the end of the story.
I have a fear,
so I guess….There’s no reason to stay here.
I don’t know why,
But it’s too hard to say goodbye.
Maybe because we spent so much time,and I know that is not more.
But you will always stay in my heart , as a special life part. ❤
I’ll love you forever, even if we never got together.
Here’s rain…and it brings more pain,
I wish you could see how much I love you boy,
and don’t think that I treat you as a toy.
Please, understand my love,
even if its in a dark hole,
Now, when I finally see, what I’ve lost,
I realize that I miss you the most,
please come back…it’s too hard to live without you,
there’s just a few, a few moments to say that…
everything I wrote I meant,
and I hope this isn’t the last thing I sent….


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