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War Horse

April 21, 2012

War Horse is a 2011 epic war film directed by Steven Spielberg. This film is an adaptation of the 1982 children’s novel with the same name by British author Michael,set before and during World War I.

Joey War Horse UK Premiere Gjzc97hhIcJl  

In Devon, England 1912, a teenage boy named Albert watched a foal ,named Joey, galloping through the fields at his mother’s side. When he first saw that little foal,he knew that one day he will buy it.



Than,after a few months, when a foal grown up in a beautiful strong horse , he’s owner decided to sell him. Albert’s father ,named Ted,was looking for a plough horse for his farm,but when Ted saw Joey, he swear that he will buy it. His friend who was standing right next to him tried to change his mind because he thought that horse is too weak.But after all ,Ted bought Joey. When he came home,his wife (Rose) was mad because she wanted a plough horse. When Albert came out, and when he saw Joey,he begged  his mother to let Joey stay and he promised that he will train him. Rose was mad but she agreed after all. Albert started to train with Joey,and it was hard but every day they were closer. Andrew,Albert’s best friend watched their training and he tried everything to help.Albert used a special sound and every time he used it, Joey would run to him.




War between England and Germany started. Albert trained Joey for the plough,and he prepared a stony hillside field to plant.However a rainstorm destroyed the field, so to pay the overdue rent (without telling Albert), Ted sold Joey to Captain James Nicholls. When Albert saw that Joey is not in his stable,he went to the town to find Joey because he knew that Ted wants to sell him. When he finally found them,Joey was already sold. Albert begged Capitan James to let him participate the War.But,Albert was too young for the War,he was only 16 years old. When Capitan James saw how much Albert care for Joey,he promised him that he will return him back,if he stay alive. Albert was sad,and he gave Joey a good-luck charm.


Joey was pretty wild horse and when they tried to tie him,he ran away but Capitan James’s friend caught him. Then,they put Joey next to black horse Topthorn. Joey and Topthorn became good friends. When it was time to see who’s the fastest horse, Joey and Topthorn raced. Then after some time,Joey won. Capitan James was proud and he together with his army attacked Germans while they were unready.




Even if Germans were unready,they used guns and Germans won after all.But that wasn’t the end of this War.Actually it was just a beginning. A day before England attacked Germans,Capitan James drawn Joey and he sent that picture to Albert,but sadly,Capitan James died. When Albert got the message and when he heard that Capitan James is dead,he thought that Joey is dead as well,but he was wrong. Joey survived but Germans captured him,along with Topthorn. Michael ,who was working in Germans army,convinced a superior that the two horses are fit to pull an ambulance wagon, and he and his brother Gunther drove the horses.But Michael was assigned to the German front, even if he was too young to fight.Gunther ignored an order to remain behind and await call to a later position. Unable to persuade his brother to remain behind, Gunther rode Joey and brought Topthorn along.Michael and Gunther escaped, so he and his brother can ride to Italy. Running through the forest,they hided in a farm’s windmill.But that night,Germans discovered than they killed them. Because they didn’t saw Joey and Topthorn they kept going. Next morning, one girl named Emilie, went to the windmill and when she saw Joey and Topthorn,she took them. Her grandfather was owner of the farm and when he saw horses he was surprised. Every day,she begged him to let her ride them,and one day,he finally said yes. Emilie rode across the little mountain. Than her grandfather noticed that she’s not coming back.When he got on the top of the little mountain, he saw Germans and Emilie was crying because Germans captured Joey and Topthorn. Emilie’s grandfather walked away with Emilie, while Joey and Topthorn worked for Germans. 




While Joey and Topthorn worked for Germans,Albert was preparing for the War. Then, Germans found out that England will attack again.They had to prepare their army. A few days after that,Germans attacked England and they had to do something because England didn’t wanted to lose again. It was a big War with a lot of victims. Bombs were all around England hideout,and when Albert went out, tear gas exploded next to him. Albert was still alive but he was blind for a few days. During that, Joey tried to help Topthorn because he was badly hurt,be after a few hours, he died. Joey was really sad and he didn’t wanted to go away,but he was on tank’s way so he had to ran away. While running away,Joey got trapped and tank was right behind him in order to kill him. Joey wasn’t a jumping horse so he didn’t know how to run away, but somehow he jumped over the tank.War-Horse_Poster-4


He was galloping on the battle field but,because he was too upset, he got trapped in strings, and it was a really dangerous position,because the strings started to cut Joey’s skin.



One man from England army saw the horse and he wanted to help him, so he waved a white flag. Germans saw the horse as well, and they wanted to help too. When they cut the strings off they were arguing about who will take the horse.  Because they didn’t wanted to start War again, they used coin. The British man picked Heads and he won.



A both of them walked back, and the man who took the horse wanted to help him, but the doctor said that Joey will die soon, and when other guy tried to shot Joey , Albert made that special sound that only Joey knows and than, Joey walked to the Albert. Because Albert was still blind, a lot of people thought that he don’t know that horse , he had to prove that Joey is his horse. He gave an exact description of the horse’s markings, so Doctor realized that Joey is Albert’s horse.


When Albert was alright , rules said that every horse after the War has to be sold. And, because Joey didn’t have money, his friends helped him. Just when Albert was supposed to buy Joey, Emilie’s grandfather came and he gave a lot of money for Joey.Sadly, Emilie’s grandfather didn’t know that Albert is Joey’s real owner, he wanted Joey because Emilie died. Albert was really sad when Joey was sold to someone else. But after that, Albert went to Joey than Emilie’s grandfather asked him about one red flag. When Albert saw the flag , he was surprised because he gave that red flag to Joey when The War started. And after all, Joey and Albert were together again…When they came home, Rose and Ted were happy because Albert is alive and because he came with Joey…



War Horse is My favorite film because it shows that True Friendship will be never be broken. 



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